F8 Production is a Dubai based production company specialized in creating content and story telling.


The video and photography assets that we create are set for all standards and platforms on social media and television.

Our clients range from some of the most luxurious hotels and automotive brands such as:

In addition, we work hand in hand with PR and Marketing agencies on video production and content creation, not to mention the list of retail outlets such as local and international malls in the region.


Ihsan Salhia

Co-Founder/ Managing Director

The managing director set out a one year goal to try and make photography his life. Today he is proud to say that he is doing just that. He is a full time Photographer pushing the limits. The journey is long and the struggle is real and he is living life frame by frame.


Wassim Raslan

Co-Founder/ Photographer and Creative Director

The photographer and creative director is a Foodie, Techie and Entrepreneur with an adventurous free spirit and a zest for life. He loves photography & burgers. He hates negativity, beetroot & sharing his fries.


Hammam Nabtiti

Co-Founder/ Film Director

The film director captures moments that feed the soul and mind with a story. He achieves his targets through film-making. He is a dedicated story-teller that will inspire you in a 16:9 frame.