F8 Production

The Team


Ihsan salhia

Co-Founder/ Managing Director

I set out a one year goal to try and make photography my life. Today I am thankful and proud to say that I am doing just that. I am a full time Photographer pushing the limits. But the journey is long and the struggle is real and I just learned to live life frame by frame. My name is Ihsan Salhia and this is “My Journey to Photography”.


Wasim Raslan

Co-Founder/ Director of Photography

Foodie, Techie, Entrepreneur, Adventurous free spirit with a zest for living. I love photography & burgers. I hate negativity, beetroot & sharing my fries.



Co-Founder/ Film Director

I capture moments that feed the soul and mind with a story. I achieve my targets through film-making. I am a dedicated story-teller that will inspire you in a 16:9 frame.

Stevie Kahn

Ali Fahs